How to Make Any-Sized Envelope the Easy Way

There are times I have become so busy with a paper crafting project that it grew and grew and before I knew it I didn't have an envelope the correct size.  Problem Solved !!!!

Measuring diagonally across your card find how long it is in that direction.  Then add one inch more and cut out your paper that size.
With the card lying in the center of the cut paper, fold in the sides, bottom and top. 
Trim away the four tiny triangles created by the folds. (See the little notches cut out next to each of the big triangles. Those were the little triangles I removed.)
Turn the paper over.  For extra durability, run strong adhesive (like tacky tape) as shown in the picture above.

Turn your paper back over.  Fold in the sides first and then secure the bottom flap to the sides.

Note: Extra thick paper projects, like the napkin fold, may fit more easily if you add an extra 1/2".  That's what I did and liked the results.

To give a finished look, consider using the corner rounder on the top flap before securing the envelope.

I am so excited to have found this envelope recipe.  Now everything I make will finally fit in an envelope. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Sending Smiles, ;-) Joanie


Jane O'Leary said...

You make everything look so professional and your directions are always so easy to follow. Than you this is a great tutorial.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jane. You've shared another great post! :-) _Brenda

Baroque duJour said...

Great tutorial, thank you so much, this is brilliant. Christmas Greetings from Ireland.

Irene Dyson said...

This looks so simple I can't wait to try it. Thank you.

Linda Thomas said...

Joanie, Love the envelope recipe, thank you. But I also love the card...
do you have instructions on how to make such an interesting card???

Glenys Savage said...

From one Morton to another Morton - Thank You, this recipe is so simple and easy.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely marvellous. Great help. Christina

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial. Like the idea of being able to make pretty envelopes, custom made.

Molly Hillstrom said...

Great! But what if the card is rectangular?